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Water Jet Loom Dedicated Stroboscope

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PN-T09C is mainly for the adjustment and control of water jet loom timing system.

  1. Stroboscopic range: 200-1500rpm
  2. Phase shift angle: 0-359°
  3. Inside signal range: 200-1500rpm
  4. Delay: Rotary encoder
  5. Display: 5 digital, 10mm height, red diode
  6. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 2A, 50Hz, or AC110V±10%, 2A, 50Hz
  7. Single working hours: can be set by function key (Unit: 1s), max. 6000s
  8. Outer dimension: 215*120*150mm

1. Fast change between internal trigger/external trigger, twice the frequency, half the frequency can be adjusted quickly;

2. External trigger working mode ( by photoelectric signal), can track the patterns automatically;

3. Built-in memory, with automatic memory function of flash frequency and internal parameters, make the next operation convenient.

4. Adopt the advanced encoder, with the professional operation software, knobs adjustment.

5. With the function of automatic flash stop, can save the electricity, and extend the life of the tube.

6. The tube is made in German.

7. The new lithium battery design, the battery life is much longer, and the stroboscope is much lighter

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