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PT - L02B-400 LED-Fixed Stroboscope

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1. PT - L02B stationary series LED stroboscope is an entirely new generation of products invented by our corporation, adopt the original installation import high power LED lamp bead, wide measuring range, high brightness and uniform illumination, soft lights, long service life, product internal equipped with low power consumption and high efficiency of exhaust cooling system, calorific value is almost zero, the product should be installed on the device.

2. The strobe is widely used in packaging and printing industry, testing the quality of printing products, can be used for printing machine, inspection machine, slitting machine, rewinding machine, such as the machine can also use it for all kinds of rotor, gear mesh, machine vibration diagnosis, textile manufacturing high speed movement monitoring an object's surface defect and the running track. Can also be used in paper making, textile, medicine, light industry, machinery processing and other industries.

3. PT - L02B series of LED stroboscope is suitable for the production process of wide wide and fixed stroboscope observe the location of the product quality, this series of products brightness, effective wide exposure can be customized according to the customer, tool length (200-1200), the mm is optional.

Technical Parameters:

1. Power supply: AC 100V~ 240V  50 ~ 60 HZ

2. The frequency display: six digital tube display

3. Work style: internal trigger and external trigger

4. The trigger frequency range: 50.0 r/min ~ 24000 r/min ,Adjusting accuracy 0.1 r/min (up to 300000 r/min,According to customer requirements);1.00 Hz ~ 400.0 Hz, regulate the precision of 0.01 Hz

5. The phase shift trigger function: 0-359°, 1°precision

6. A single work time: the function key set arbitrary (unit: s)

7. External trigger sensors: photoelectric sensors or hall switch, can also be provided by the equipment on the PLC controller signals

8. The sensor power supply: DC12V 100 mA, provided by the strong point of internal

9. The trigger signal level: low level 0 ~ 0.7 V, high level > 2.7 V (maximum permissible 24 V), rising along the trigger, high level duration > 20 us

10. Strobe pulse width: 8 ~ 100 us

11. The frequency shining degree: adjustable within a certain range

12. The remote control: hand boxes (optional)

13 .Product series and external dimensions:

Product Model

Instrument Dimension

Irradiation Width





















1. Adopt the imported LED lamp, LED the service life of 3 ~ 5 years;

2. Bright degree and frequency flash pulse width in a certain range can be arbitrary adjustment;

3. Hz frequency unit and f/m can choose, suitable for different use habit;

4. The flash automatic shutdown function, save electricity, improve the service life of the strong point of at the same time;

5. Software has two kinds of tracer, no fixed color mark printing surface can be automatic tracking;

6.External trigger 1 mode, the software has the phase Angle adjustment function.

7. Can connect communication lines, to realize the remote control.

Industry application
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