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LED Stroboscope

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PT-L10C LED stroboscope is for the high speed printing work in the printing industry, tobacco industry and paper converting industry. This LED stroboscope can supply even and soft white light, it can eliminate the glare caused by reflective surface, so it is especially suitable for the quality tests of sheet metal surfaces, reflective surface and the surface of high-speed production line.

For most of paper-converting industry and printing industry, LED stroboscope’s tube can be used 20000hours (about 2 years) continuous, it reduce the related cost very much. 

  1. Power supply: DC 12-15V
  2. Display: 5 digitals LED display
  3. Stroboscopic accuracy: ±0.1%
  4. Internal trigger frequency: (50-36000)f/min
  5. External trigger frequency: In the case of phase shift in the phase delay, max. 12000f/min (200Hz), the max. frequency can be adjusted to 36000f/min (600Hz).
  6. Single working hours: can be set by function key
  7. Flash duration: 8-100 micro-seconds, adjustable continuously.
  8. Outer dimension: 135*110*45mm
  9. Weight: about 0.6kg

1. Fast change between internal trigger/external trigger;

2. Unit rpm/Hz can be switching display;

3. External trigger working mode (by photoelectric signal), can track the patterns automatically;

4. Built-in memory, with automatic memory function of flash frequency and internal parameters, make the next operation convenient.

5. Adopt the advanced encoder, with the professional operation software, knobs adjustment.

6. With the function of automatic flash stop, can save the electricity, and extend the life of the tube.

7. Pulse width can be adjusted as per factual conditions.

Industry application
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