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PN-112A Mini Box Hand-hold Stroboscope

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1.  PN-112A is produced according to the special requirements of cigarette industry and plastic soft package printing industry. We have spent several years with our many local cigarette companies and soft package companies, after the continuous research and improvement, then make the normal production finally.

2.  In the cigarette printing industry, by the help of our stroboscope, even very small defects, also can be founded by the inspectors quickly.

3.  We are enjoying the market of tipping paper roll printing, bronzing, slitting, rewinding and inspecting etc process and labeling industry. Now we are the reliable supplier of our domestic biggest cigarette printing companies.

4.  Meanwhile, PN-112A is also widely used for the production of inner material of cigarette, laser logo, and the anti-moisture film etc.

5.  For high speed rewinding machine, packing machine.

6.  Of course, PN-112A stroboscope is also widely used in printing industry.

  1. Power supply: AC220V 2A, 50Hz
  2. Flash frequency: 60-6000rpm
  3. Frequency adjustment: Potentiometer knob
  4. Working conditions: room temperature: (20  ±  10 )°C, Humidity: < 85%
  5. Outer dimension: 170*100*75mm
  6. Weight: about 0.62kg

1.  Small size, light weight, and wide usage;

2.  Small heat, and effectively slowing the aging time of elements, greatly improve the working life of the stroboscope;

3.  Using the advanced knobs, can adjust the frequency quickly;

4.  With the function of internal trigger, the flash frequency can be adjusted by “adjusting knob”, there is dial knob, the operator can read the correct flash frequency according to the dial. It can make the moving objects look like still object. For convenience, the knob can be fixed.

5.  The tube is made in German.


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