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PN-01D Stroboscope

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1. PN-01D is the upgraded from PN-01C, this instrument adhering to the characteristics of previous generations stroboscope high efficiency and low failure rate, at the same time it adopts the efficient control chip to control the energy transformation, make the energy output stable. It is portable and hand-held. It needs to be connected with AC power when using, AC220V or AC110V.

2. It is universal stroboscope, can be used in printing industry: printing machine, inspection machine, slitting machine, rewinding machine and other speed counting machines, also can be used for high speed of all kinds of rotos, gearing, textile making etc. Currently, it is widely used in printing, paper-making, textile, medicals, light industry, machinery industry etc.

3. If need, this stroboscope can be fixed on the machine, adopting external trigger automatic tracking mode.

  1. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 2A, 50Hz, or AC110V±10%, 2A, 50Hz,
  2. Display: 5 digitals LED display
  3. Stroboscopic accuracy: ±0.1%
  4. Working mode: internal & external triggers
  5. Internal trigger frequency: (50-12000)f/min
  6. Limited frequency: 4000f/min (Can be custom-made)
  7. External trigger frequency: 50-12000f/min
  8. External trigger function: support phase (lag angel) control
  9. Input mode of external trigger: sensor, Hall switch, proximity switch
  10. External output mode: PNP normally open
  11. External trigger input signal: pulse input
  12. Highest permit 24V
  13. External trigger power output: DC12V, 50mA (provided by stroboscope)
  14. Single working hours: can be set by function key
  15. Single flash energy: 0.16 J @ 1000f/m   0.06 J @ 4000f/m
  16. Ambient light: less 10000 Lux
  17. Spot: Φ300mm circle @ 500mm
  18. Illumination LUX: 780 lux @ 500mm 4000f/m
  19. Power line length: 3M
  20. Outer dimension: 220*120*130mm
  21. Weight: about 1.2kg

1. Fast change between internal trigger/external trigger, twice the frequency, half the frequency can be adjusted quickly;

2. External trigger working mode ( by photoelectric signal), can track the patterns automatically;

3. Built-in memory, with automatic memory function of flash frequency and internal parameters, make the next operation convenient.

4. Adopt the advanced encoder, with the professional operation software, knobs adjustment.

5. With the function of automatic flash stop, can save the electricity, and extend the life of the tube.

6. The tube is made in German.

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