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PT-L01A-L Laser automatic tracking stroboscope

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1. PT-L01A -Laser LED strobe is a new generation of strobe which is developed by our company. Built-in efficient energy control chip controls the energy output, which makes the energy output more stable, with high brightness and low heat output. High performance single chip microcomputer processing unit, special display chip drive digital tube display, frequency accuracy up to 0.01%; The built-in high-performance lithium battery, with a lighter quality and a full charge, can meet the requirements of single shift production, and the continuous working time is about 4 hours (the specific time is related to the frequency of flash). ; The built-in infrared sensor can effectively identify printing patterns and realize automatic tracking of printing patterns.

2. This product is especially suitable for the installation of sensors is not convenient or more trouble, the design of a variety of different sizes and printing, use this product in the automatic mode, simply an infrared sensor on the printing design, design of automatic tracking can be realized.

3. This product also applies to the printing industry, paper industry, textile industry, cold rolling of steel, large generator, aluminum foil, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

1. Power supplyr: DC 12V 2900mA.

2. Charger power supply: AC100V~240V 50~60Hz;

3. Display: 5 digital tube display;

4. Stroboscopic accuracy:±0.01%

5. Trigger frequency range: internal continuous adjustment from 50-36,000 times/min, adjusting accuracy 0.1 times/min;

6. Frequency flash interval: the adjustable frequency flash interval is 8-100 microseconds (accurate to +/-1 microsecond);

7. Dimensions (length x width x height) : 240mm x 120mm x 150mm.

1. Multiple trigger modes: manual mode and automatic mode, automatic mode can realize automatic tracking effect;

2. Built-in infrared sensor which can effectively distinguish printed patterns and automatically track patterns;

3. Built-in memory, with flash frequency and internal parameter automatic memory function, to facilitate the next use;

4. Adopt the import encoder, cooperate with the simple operation software, the knob adjustment is more rapid, accurate, practical, easy to use, handy;

5. The software has the function of frequency flashing phase Angle adjustment;

6. The frequency unit Hz and f/m can be selected for different use occasions;

7. Adopt imported high-power LED, built-in high-performance power module to improve the flash brightness and work reliability;

8. Latest products, stable performance, long use time, very few faults;

9. New power design, lithium battery power supply, more durable;

10. High luminous efficiency and even more uniform lighting.

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