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What are the characteristics of rechargeable stroboscope for textile glass fiber industry

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Rechargeable stroboscope adopts high-performance single chip microcomputer as processing unit, real-time display through digital tube, and high-performance rechargeable battery is installed inside. One time full charge can meet the requirements of single shift production time, especially suitable for occasions with inconvenient power consumption, unstable voltage or explosion-proof safety requirements( The charging stroboscope | stroboscopic lamp is suitable for product quality inspection of printing machine, inspection machine or rewinding and slitting machine in plastic flexible packaging and tobacco industry.

Rechargeable stroboscope for textile glass fiber industry

1. Fast conversion of internal trigger / external trigger selection; Double frequency, half frequency fast frequency modulation function;

2. In the external trigger mode (using photoelectric signal), the automatic pattern tracking function can be realized;

3. Built in memory, with automatic memory function of flash frequency and internal parameters, providing convenience for next use;

4. With imported encoder and simplified operation software, the knob can be adjusted more quickly and practically. It is convenient and easy to use; 5. The software has the function of stroboscopic phase angle adjustment;

6. Automatic stop flash and other functions to save electricity and improve the service life of strobe lamp;

7. Stroboscopic lamp imported from Germany is adopted, with built-in high-performance switching power supply module to improve the flash brightness and working reliability;

8. Intelligent design, built-in charging management module, can be used in charging, direct and continuous work.

9. New power supply design, lithium battery power supply.

10. The luminous efficiency is higher and more uniform.

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