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Let's see how the rechargeable stroboscope works in these four fields

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Let's see how the rechargeable stroboscope works in these four fields

1. Packaging and printing industry: it can detect the color registration in high-speed printing process; Ink matching, die cutting, punching, folding, etc; On line monitoring of the whole sheet of materials and detection of marking symbols in label, form, flexo and concave printing; Control the UV component of fluorescent printing quality inspection, final quality inspection of paper cutter and winder, and dynamic analysis of folding machine; Synchronous control of engine and gear.

2. Textile industry: speed detection of spinning spindle and thread on spinning frame and winding machine; Weft detection of mechanical knitting machine: check whether there is skew weft before the fabric leaves the frame; Monitor the operation of the thread and other parts of the sewing machine: it can detect the spindle speed and the weft feeding of the loom.

3. Machinery manufacturing: non contact speed measurement, vibration amplitude and frequency detection; For complex motion process, slow release function is used to display, detect the condition of drill bit, file and other tools in production, measure the sliding coefficient of clutch and conveyor belt, detect the gear backlash in gearbox, and diagnose various rotors, gear engagement and vibration equipment.

4. Aircraft manufacturing: automobile manufacturing, cable manufacturing, mining and packaging, shipbuilding, steel, chemical industry, optics.

An efficient energy control chip is used to control the energy output, which makes the energy output more stable, with high brightness and almost zero calorific value; High performance single chip microcomputer processing unit and special display chip are used to drive nixie tube display with high frequency accuracy; It adopts imported rotary encoder for fast frequency modulation, and is equipped with high-performance lithium battery, which is lighter in weight; There is no need for AC220V AC power supply, which relieves the trouble brought by the power cord to the operation. It is more convenient to carry it by hand for observation. Once fully charged, it can meet the requirements of single shift production, and the continuous working time is about 2 hours (related to flash frequency).


First, connect 112E and battery box 012v6, turn on the power switch, flash to the operating body, and then adjust the flash rate from high frequency down to low frequency until the operating body displays the first synchronous still picture (the so-called synchronous still picture is not just the static picture on the picture, It is still necessary to make sure that the picture is exactly the same as the state when the operating body stops.) read the number on the synchronizer, that is, its speed or rpm.

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