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How to use infrared laser automatic tracking stroboscope in brush industry

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The infrared laser automatic tracking stroboscope is especially suitable for the occasions where it is inconvenient or troublesome to install the sensor, and a variety of patterns of different sizes are printed at the same time. Using the laser mode of this product, the automatic tracking of patterns can be realized by simply aligning the internal infrared sensor with the printed pattern. This series of stroboscope can flash at multiple light points at the same time, and can also control the light point flash independently. The illumination width ranges from 200 mm to 1500 mm; It can also be customized according to the requirements of customers. It adopts several strobe tubes and special diffuse reflectors, long linear design, strong and soft light, excellent performance, light can be evenly distributed in the entire bandwidth, and the inspectors do not have to move the hand-held detection lamp up and down beside the production line for detection.

Characteristics of infrared laser automatic tracking stroboscope

This product is small in size, light in weight, compact in design and widely used.

Moreover, the calorific value of the product is small, which can effectively slow down the aging time of the device and greatly improve the service life of the instrument.

Using the knob of imported components, it can adjust the frequency quickly.

It has the function of internal trigger. The flash frequency can be adjusted by the adjustment knob. The dial is set on the knob, and the flash frequency can be read out accurately according to the number of turns of the dial. Adjust the flash frequency to make the moving object in a static state. At this time, for convenience, the knob can be locked.

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